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Inbound Marketing Webinar

“Are you marketing online? Most, if not all of you, probably answered yes to this question. Have you heard of the concept of inbound marketing?  If your answer is yes, are you using it in your business or wondering how to use it in your business? “

During this webinar, Scott Meyer, from 9 Clouds, and Jill Fratianne, from HubSpot, will talk about what inbound marketing is and why it has huge potential for agriculture. They will talk about how it helps you improve your visibility online and convert site traffic into sales. Learn also how you can measure the success of your inbound marketing and the ROI of your online marketing. This webinar will help ensure your website and digital marketing are functioning sales tools.

Speaker/Host: Scott Meyer & Jill Fratianne






Knowing - and Growing - Your Base of  Business

Does the way yo are building your customer base match your business goals?

That’s the central question in the innovative approach described in this webinar, which uses buyer behavior patterns to define – and prioritize – key marketing strategies. Discover how to balance your acquisition, retention, and up-sell or cross-sell efforts. Understand your customers by examining how purchasing patterns reflect their relationship with you … and develop simple methods to target communications to nurture (or repair!) that relationship.

Participants will learn how to:

•     Compare and track buying patterns so that you can nurture highest value customers (advocates)

•     Identify changes in behavior patterns that may indicate a prospective change in the customer relationship

•     Calculate the potential financial impact of specific changes in current trends

Alan Weber is Principal of Data to Strategy Group, a marketing consulting firm that focuses on just that – helping organizations use analytics to improve the effectiveness of their strategic marketing efforts.  Alan is also a member of the Adjunct Faculty at UMKC and the author of three books – Data-Driven Business Models and Desktop Database Marketing and most recently, Follow That Customer!

Bob Merrigan is President of Merrigan & Company, a copywriting and strategic messaging firm that helps a range of organizations in their direct mail and online communications efforts.  Over the past 35-plus years, Bob has worked with a number of agri-businesses, as well as b-to-b and nonprofit organizations.


2012 Smart Marketing Trends

Are you an integrated marketer? Have you evaluated your current practices based on last year’s success? If these questions spark your interest, you won’t want to miss Nick Barkman from Gragg Advertising and Jennifer Flood from IntegriShield as they walk through establishing the best media mix in order to achieve an optimal cost per sale. Don’t be confused, the session is not about the hottest trends of the year. Because, according to Nick, there’s often “little correlation between what’s hot and what actually works.”

These trends have been tested, and Jennifer and Nick have a long list of client success stories to prove it. As experts in pay-per-click advertising, strategic partnerships, link building, database managing, and affiliate
relationships, they will provide you with manageable steps you can take to “market smart.”





Mike Craig

Mobile Marketing's Past, Present, and Future: Trends for 2012 and Beyond

Mobile is no longer an optional marketing channel for businesses large and small, but how does the mobile channel work and what do marketers need to know in order to leverage mobile marketing opportunities?

In this presentation, we’ll look at the past, present and future of mobile marketing tools, techniques, and technologies - reviewing campaigns incorporating apps, mobile web, location-based-services and QR codes - to better understand and apply fundamentals of mobile interaction as we look towards exciting new and emerging technologies impacting mobile communications.


Heather CovrigHow Multi-Generational Farming Operations Make Major Purchase Decisions

Why are multi-generational farms so brand loyal?

  • How are older and younger producers using the internet?
  • Why does it take so long to make a decision?

  • Older producers are getting ready to retire.  Younger producers are taking on more responsibility on the farm.  Both have their own opinions about buying equipment, inputs and technology.

  • Mark SmitherHeather Covrig and Mark Smither will share the insights learned from the 14 multi-generational farm families that Paulsen Marketing interviewed throughout the Midwest to find out how older and younger producers make important purchase decisions.  The responses give great insight to what goes on around the kitchen table when “experience” meets “enthusiasm.”


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